Gdje je nestao Spenser?

Gdje je nestao Spenser?



By: Luka Kordić


We wait so long to escape from the sun,
the brightest of lights that makes all men see
the depths of dismay in most anyone
who’s trying with weary a mind to be free.

The sun will melt mountains and boil the sea,
strike at our eyes with self-righteous might.
A tyrant of heavens it wishes to be
by banishing all other stars from our sight.

Oh, we yearn for the tendrils of the night
to come set us free from the all-seeing eye!
Let us cheer at the dying of the light
‘neath hundreds of stars that blanket the sky!

Be always aware that our night won’t last long –
embrace me at dusk and love me ‘till dawn.

* * *

Since each soul is now the centre of its world,
and we can’t hold facts to be divine law,
we’re plummeting down from where bright reason ruled
and nothing there is could soften the fall.

I watch madness reign, soft minds kept in thrall,
each moored to a different lie they mistook
for a path to a heaven now hard to recall,
made ever more distant as noone dares look.

From this dim, noxious current my heart you took,
and shining as gems do in deep winter skies
the greatest of truths you penned in my book:
“This world is the same to each one who tries”

You and I know that the sweetest of wines
will taste its most bitter at loneliest times.

* * *

You could shield your mind from every blow,
yet time will leave furrows all over your skin,
your will might not wither ‘neath rain, wind and snow –
your flame will be doused, yet smoulder within.

The great game of life is one you can’t win
Freed from life’s coils you’ll pass through the door
Even if somehow you’ve vanquished all sin,
Even if saintly your burden you bore.

But human you are, no less and no more,
a cousin of apes, by apedom you’re bound,
and as with all humans your life is a whore
and you will have perished with answers unfound.

As grave as it is to fly just to fall –
stay true to your means, which ever your goal.

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